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Your Superhero Journey: Knowing

June 30th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Your Superhero Journey: Knowing

Want to know more about your Superpowers, and how to tap into them? Come to WhatAreYourSuperpowers.com to check out the Power to Prosperity E-Course, and read below to save 50% off the price of enrollment. Prefer to watch this as a video blog? Check it out here: http://youtu.be/wVAfGDBKgAY

Knowing is that which is beyond belief, beyond an intellectual learning or understanding. It is when you know something to be true or untrue. It is the infallible lie detecter test of the universe. Knowing is a Superpower because when you can touch or recognize it, you're aware that you really know something. I don't mean that you believe it, or you'd like to think it to be true—you actually know it.


Sometimes that knowing can be about right or wrong. It can be the difference between who to trust or not. It's about making a choice, choosing the path that is best for you. That knowing can be a superpower when it helps other people. Your knowing isn't there to make decisions for them, but oftentimes support what they already know to be true, yet do not believe enough in themselves to follow through on it.


Knowing is a tricky one. The Superpower of knowing that comes without thought is the highest, most truest form. The minute we start thinking about all that programming, all that subtle messaging, unconscious and subconscious fears, ideals, and beliefs, we can start getting in our own way. But when we have the Superpower of Knowing, it can be very powerful. In fact, it can be one of the most powerful, and oftentimes it is the one Superpower that is hardest to use for yourself. Hopefully you've recognized by this point how we all get in our own way, more often than anyone else ever gets in it.


Do you possess the Superpower of Knowing? Do you know you have it but haven't developed it? Have you taken it and shown your power to the world? Now is the best time to do so. In this moment. Do it for you. Do it for the people you love. Do it because it will make the world a better place.


Learn how to step into your Power at WhatAreYourSuperpowers.com.


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