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Would the Light Bulb Have Gone Off?

April 11th, 2013 08:00:00 am

Would the Light Bulb Have Gone Off?


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Between the afraid and the apathetic, we have created enough of our population to fully allow our elected government to determine whom and to what level should be accountable without questioning it.


We have massive double standards that we allow ourselves to be fooled into believing is either the representation of the majority or in our own best interest.


We tolerate and even support a media that does not inform us, but encourages us to become and stay narrow minded.  Media who we applaud for misrepresenting facts by taking things out of context, presenting opinions as facts, or simply ignoring and not reporting anything that is not supportive of the beliefs that they are espousing, if they agree with us.


We do not insist that a full diversity of ideas and thoughts are represented in all the agencies that are responsible for the creation of standards and presentation of results that lead to the making of laws.


We allow ourselves to be fed statistical data, scientific evidence and other kinds of factual evidence, which is created, funded and/or presented by corporations or organizations with a vested interest in the results.


When we do risk to challenge or shake ourselves out of our apathy and vote for someone with a message of change and they are elected, we then resume our lives and forget to make them accountable for their promises.  We don’t insist that they clearly show us the evidence of them at least trying to make the changes they promised.


We allow our elected officials to keep the legislative activities mired in multi-part legislation that easily hides what they don’t want us to see.  They hide inappropriate spending, self-serving regulations, and unpopular amendments that they do not want to be held accountable for.


Why do we allow ourselves to repeatedly be disappointed, hoodwinked and our wishes ignored by our politicians, media, government and corporate leaders?  Because too many of us are too lazy, apathetic or uninvolved as long as the pain and frustration level in our personal lives are acceptable.


As long as we can blame instead of accept responsibility and live within our comfort zone, why bother?


So for whom are the laws, the placements of powerful officials and decisions about how monies are spent and who gets held accountable and who doesn’t?  The people who have the most money or can deliver the greatest number of votes?


If you can afford lobbyists and make substantial contributions to various campaigns, then you get more influence and more access.  If you can afford to underwrite a study, then you can make sure it says what you want it to.  If you are the largest donor to a non-profit organization, then it can present ideas that benefit you.


Our declining educational standards (1 out of every seven Americans are functionally illiterate, and our math and science scores are at an all time low), our imploding economy, our failing infrastructure and the largest numbers of bankruptcies, failing companies, people loosing homes and an all time high of child and elder abuse – you would think would be getting our attention.


Well it has.  However, isn’t it sad, though, that it had to get this bad before we could convince people that there needed to be change?


The real question at the end of the day is will we keep the people who have promised change, accountable?  Will we insist in substantive change?  Is it time for a full and equitable representation of all Americans in all the halls of power?


Here are some questions I have for you to ponder:

  • Why can’t legislation be transparent and each piece only represent one thing?

  • Why don’t agencies and groups that decide what is safe to be offered to the American public have the same standards? (Example Ephedra was taken off the market because there were 113 deaths from people who were clearly misusing and choosing to overdose themselves on it and yet Ritalin who as had over 200 deaths by people, mostly children, using it correctly is fully supported by the FDA.)

  •  If the FDA wants to examine where herbs fall as either food or drugs for regulatory purposes, why are their no trained herbalists or naturopaths involved in the process, but rather medical doctors who have no training in herbs?

  • With home-schooling and alternative education at an all time high, how much representation do they have in decisions made by the Department of Education?

  • Does the Department of Health and Human Services give as much access and consideration to alternative practitioners as to the AMA?  Is there a full representation of the largest growing section of health care at all?


You get the idea.  So what are you going do?


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