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When the Government Plays the Parent

March 17th, 2014 05:00:00 am

When the Government Plays the Parent

I do not want to advocate that the United States government play the parent, but if we are going to be stuck with a government that plays the parent anyway, can it at least be a government that plays the parent well? Here are key factors one must possess and exercise in order to be a good parent:


1. A willingness to put the child ahead of itself.

The current United States government does not put the American people ahead of itself. It regularly votes on, and puts into play, policies and legislations that primarily serve the government, the bureaucracy, the elected politicians, and hired heads of corporations who fund (and practically own) the government.


2. Fair and equal treatment of all children.

The American government treats individuals and groups based on the abilities they possess to keep current members of the political system and their existing parties in power. Our government rewards the golden child, while ignoring and marginalizing the bastard stepchild.


3. A role model in action and speech, who possesses and demonstrates the highest moral integrity and principles. Our nation's government proves otherwise on a daily basis.


4. Keep promises. Accountability is key. We have allowed Washington to break and ignore promises, especially under the guise of political party obstructionist shenanigans. A good parent does not teach by example on how to regularly and repeatedly break promises; nor does a good parent allow a child to avoid the consequences of their actions.  Both parties need a time out; term limits should be enacted.


5. Live by the rules you have established. There are cases given, laws written, and legislation enacted with an underlying “God” mandate, even though our founding fathers—in their great wisdom—recognized there were many different forms of “God” (and worship) and declared a separation of church and state. The most recent example of hypercritical ignorance regarding this mandate is marriage in the United States. No religious institution should control the definition of a legal status. No government legislation or recognition of an institution like marriage should have religious affiliations or overtones. Either a government recognizes all marriages as legal entities and treats them all equally, or recognizes no marriages.


6. Good parents empower—not enable—their children to become responsible adults. Good parents teach actions and consequences. Bailouts enable (not empower), whether they are bailouts of Wall Street or Main Street—the big guy or the little guy. Obviously, minimizing damage of an action is a part of good parenting, but ensuring full accountability is vital, and nonnegotiable.


Again, I am not an advocate of a helicopter-parent-government, but since we have one that is currently being controlled by power-hungry teenagers (who have helped create and support a majority of abdicating, apathetic children) couldn't they at least make an effort to be good parents? This is just another good example of the consequences of teenage pregnancy—you end up with teenagers in charge.



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