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What Would You Give to be Called Normal?

January 10th, 2014 05:00:00 am

What Would You Give to be Called Normal?

To quote Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, “Normalcy is a fatal social disease in which even though you may be physically alive, you are dead.”


In today’s superficial society, many people become slaves to conformity. But what good can conformity do? How far can we go to be in a state of normalcy as dictated by the society? In which areas of our lives should we let conformity reign?


By simply acting differently than other children, a child can easily be tagged as abnormal. For instance, a child who cannot seem to sit still and focus on one activity and who is moving and talking non-stop may be referred to a doctor for evaluation. If diagnosed to have ADD/HD, this child will likely be given medications, among other things, to make him/her behave in a desired way.


What is this desired way of behaving? Who determines which behaviors are “not normal”?  To the relief of some parents and teachers, AD/HD medications can make a child focus and behave just like other children. Even when studies show that the effects of these medications do not have long lasting beneficial effects and that they do not show significant improvement in the child’s academic performance or relationships, the number of AD/HD medications being prescribed continues to soar.


Indeed, we make these children conform to what the society dictates is appropriate, but to what extent and at what cost?


ADD/HD medications, just like other medications, produce side effects. More importantly, ADD/HD medications, as observed by some parents who have stopped medicating their children, take away, along with the child’s hyperactivity, certain variations of creativity and imagination that may actually be the child’s gift!


Could this be comparable to having one’s passion and exuberance taken away? If it were you, how would you feel?


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