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What a Load of Crap: Abusing Children is Better Than Exposure to Gay Parents, Really?

June 27th, 2014 05:00:00 am

What a Load of Crap: Abusing Children is Better Than Exposure to Gay Parents, Really?

Based on cultural and religious beliefs, a couple took umbrage because their children were adopted by a gay couple, after being left alone and physically abused by their birth parents. They cited their Catholic beliefs and Slovak Roma origin as the reason to try to block the adoption. They didn't deny neglect, even admitting to beating the children “regularly.” It seems they'd rather see their children abused and neglected, than adopted by a loving couple. Their argument?


The boys’ “Slovak roots and values will not be maintained,” they contended in court papers. “The children will not be able to be brought up in the Catholic faith because of the conflicts between Catholicism and homosexuality.” If the children attempt to reunite with their birth parents and siblings, they will suffer because of cultural conflicts, the parents said. (The Advocate


I would love to hear a Catholic leader weigh in on this one! Is neglect and physical abuse acceptable in the eyes of the church?


Nowhere in the article is it mentioned whether or not the couple was trying to keep their children. Do the Slovak roots and values include neglect and abuse? Can someone weigh in? They basically admit to being really bad parents, and hold onto a set of values that they don't live out themselves. Role models? Their very existence is a mockery of their belief system.


I am constantly amazed at the hypocrisy of people—whether through heritage, religion, or culture—thinking they are allowed to enforce rules that they don't live out themselves. And we turn our back on this behavior all the time. We watch people in the public eye hide behind their religion, their upbringing, their race or gender. We excuse someone based on their background or beliefs, or we crucify them. We watch men tell women what they should do with their bodies like they are a piece of property. We watch good Christian spew hate and support death sentences. We watch moralists who consistently show us that their private morals are thrown in the toilet, opposing what they preach. We watch liberals and conservatives alike who want to help the poor, minorities, and those in need, as they shove millions in their pockets from lobbyists, and pass laws and bills taking advantage of those people's situation.


How different would our world be, how much better, if we could have consistency, accountability, and truth? If we could eliminate the hypocrisy, double standards, what kind of world would we be giving our children? If you could not only live the integrity you preach, but make them want to hold your values because you wear them so well? And keep our officials, our corporations, all our role models and leaders in true integrity. Just think of how much better the world we give our children and our children's children could be.


Luckily, this story has a happy ending:

Senior family court judge Sir James Munby rejected the appeal, writing, “There is nothing in all the material I have seen to suggest that the children’s placement with the prospective adopters was inappropriate or wrong, let alone irrational or unlawful.” He added, “The parents’ views, whether religious, cultural, secular or social, are entitled to respect but cannot be determinative. They have made their life in this country and cannot impose their own views either on the local authority or on the court.” (The Advocate



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