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What a Load of Crap: Abused Mother Accused of Betrayal

June 20th, 2014 05:00:00 am

What a Load of Crap: Abused Mother Accused of Betrayal

Here's the scoop: a mother of adult children is physically abused by them. They are hateful towards her; they try poisoning her, violate her, and when she fights back, fighting for her own life, she is portrayed as a mother betraying her children. They battered her, bruised her, forced poisonous substances down her throat and into her body. She fights back, and is labeled a bad mother.


What do you think? Who needs to be punished? Held accountable? Not only was she accused of betrayal, it was done publicly, in the New York Times. Now, she has some good kids. Some have done everything they could to support her, help her, save her, and even protect her. But sometimes they couldn't. What was the excuse for the abuse on the part of her children that did it? They wanted her bounty, her wealth. No matter how much she nurtured them, helped give them life, supported and fed them, it was never enough. Their homes, cars, lives were not luxurious enough for them. If they could squeeze more out of her, nevermind the damage being done, it would be worth it.


Are you outraged? Is it the treatment that outages you? Or is it the arrogance, the entitlement, that strikes you as more perverse?


Well, as the saying goes, here's the whole story:


Recently, the New York Times published an editorial by Alan Lightman, a physicist who teaches humanities at M.I.T. Lightman writes about tornadoes in the south and Midwest, as well as mudslides in Washington and the increasing amount of natural disasters. He refers to the “unimaginable power of nature.” Nature causes the loss of innocent people. The author reflects on grief, and then moves toward anger and betrayal:


“We feel angry at the scientists and policy makers who didn't foresee the impending calamity or, if forewarned, failed to protect us. Beyond the grieving and anger is a more subtle emotion. We feel betrayed. We feel betrayed by nature...How could Mother Nature do this to us, her children?”


Are any people truly innocent? Is anyone exempt from participation in the abuse of Mother Earth? Isn't Mother Nature just striking back out of survival? Have we not contributed to pollution, denigration, and destruction of Mother Earth for our own personal benefit? What right do we have to feel betrayed, to cry foul, when we participate in our own Mother's destruction on a daily basis? We can say we aren't responsible for dumping toxic waste or strip mining or pouring chemicals into the atmosphere and waterways, but as long as we participate through consumerism and sit back and do nothing, we will have blood on our hands. Who the hell are we to feel betrayed by Mother Nature when our human nature has done irreparable damage to her?



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