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Top Ten Inventions by Inventors with ADHD

January 29th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Top Ten Inventions by Inventors with ADHD

Ten inventions that wouldn't exist if society started labeling, disabling, and medicating people with ADD, ADHD, ADD/HD earlier. Why? Because the individuals who invented these things would most likely be diagnosed with ADHD today, based on observational methods of diagnosis.


10. A Stock Ticker


Many of you might say that we would be better off without one, but let's face it, whether we like it or not, we would be lost without Wall Street. It might be a good kind of lost...just saying.


9. Kinetoscope (peep hole viewer)

You might not see the importance of this if you live in a big city, have stayed at a hotel, or watched a horror movie. But the kinetoscope is a very cool invention.


8. Phonograph

You may be asking, why is this relevant? But trust me, the phonograph led to the cassette tape, the eight track (anyone else remember those?), the CD, and finally the MP3. Do you listen to music? Then respect the roots of the medium.


7. Microphone

Think of all the things you would have never heard, or things people would have never heard you say. Maybe a good thing, huh?


6. Fluoroscope

Ever had an x-ray? Was it useful? Well, it wouldn't have happened without this little baby.


5. Assembly Line

I realize we all subscribe more value to “handmade” goods, but if you like mass-produced, cheap goods (like cars), then you have the assembly line to thank for moving things along—literally and figuratively.

4. Electric Motors and Generators

Think about what your day would be like without these. I dare you.

3. Motion Picture Camera

Where would America and the world be without movies, followed by television, and then DVDs. Who would you actually have to talk to if you didn't have these wonderful devices and forms of entertainment to distract yourself with and avoid others?


2. Airplanes

Even if you don't travel by plane often (or at all), you benefit from them. Airplanes have made the world a smaller place. It's easier and quicker to transport things from one side of the globe to another.

1. Light Bulbs

See how long you can make it without having to use a light bulb. Not long, right? You open up the refrigerator and bing! on goes the lightbulb.


Now, how far down the rabbit hole will we end up when we take all these bright, creative kids and adults off line over the next hundred years? What problems won't get solved if we hold onto feeding billions to the drug companies, the AMA, APA and Washington DC, who are so quick to label, disable, and drug people with ADD/HD?



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