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The Four Levels of ADD/HD

August 14th, 2013 05:00:00 am

There are four levels of ADD/HD. Today we explore the first two. Stay tuned for part two, coming to you on August 28th.


We often only see what our eyes see and forget there are many things out there beyond this.  There are things we need to perceive and understand in order to be happy and fulfilled in this life – things that cannot be seen by the naked eye and must be perceived with our Divine eye.  Nevertheless, there will always be those, who because of their discomfort will quickly dismiss what is not seeable because they do not wish to perceive it.



When I first started “seeing” things about ADD/HD with my Divine eyes, I would talk about how the different bodies were impacted.  In my earlier books and classes, I would often talk about how we have four bodies, not one.  We have a physical body, an emotional body, an intellectual body and a spiritual body. During a lifetime these four bodies have a balance to them and if not maintained will cause imbalances throughout the person’s life – imbalances that might show up physically or in the form of abusive or self-abusive patterns or as a disconnection from our Spiritual selves.  My messages took that form, uncovering what was going on in each of the four bodies for that person who was ADD/HD impacted.  How do they look different from people who are not impacted?  This is not to say that everyone who is not impacted looks identical, but as a group, the ADD/HD impacted individuals embody their patterns very differently.


Right up to the first draft of Managing The Gift: Alternative Approaches to Attention Deficit Disorder, I still used the four bodies’ concept.  Enter editor.  “Too confusing,” she said.  “The book is being created to go out and touch the mainstream.  To touch the mainstream use as many mainstream words or concepts as possible.”  So, exit the four bodies enter the four levels.  To keep this simple and coordinated with the book I will now proceed to explain to you, albeit briefly, the connection between the four levels and the impact we call ADD/HD. 


The Physical Level


The way the physical body can be impacted by ADD/HD falls into two categories: intake and output.  The ADD/HD impacted person needs less caloric intake to create more energy.  The ADD/HD impacted person tends to be more sensitive to the kind of calories their body receives.  That sensitivity shows up in both the form of the body wanting more nutrient-dense foods and the body being more likely to react negatively to foods with either little or no nutritional value, or foods we overeat in our culture.  Therefore, they can be more efficient with their processing of energy when they receive it in the right manner.  They also tend to run more energy that comes in patterns – patterns that, when understood can help the person run their life more efficiently.



The Emotional Level


We have struggled with emotions as a species since the dawn of culture. This struggle is dated back to the first person who convincingly role-modeled that we really did need to care about “what the neighbors think,” and that there are good, bad, appropriate and inappropriate emotions.  The travesty continued with the first person that convincingly role-modeled that emotions had gender attached to them and finally the idiotic concept that they could be controlled.  Actually, both genders have all emotions and the only thing we can control, temporarily at best, is when and how we are going to let them come out, not if we can have them.  Another thing that was not communicated was the fact that the emotions we do not allow ourselves to have will often become twisted, perverted and will increase in energy until they are allowed to surface.  This has led to generational role modeling of an increasingly handicapped emotional body.  It is from this place that the need for evolution was created.


Keeping this in mind, let us now look at the ADD/HD gifted person’s emotional level.  The ADD/HD impacted person will have emotions that they conveniently put into a temporary holding pattern so that they can deal with them fully, efficiently and in a way in which the emotions do not throw them completely out of whack by surfacing at a time which is inconvenient.  The advantage of this kind of emotional body is that by temporarily holding emotions without them either being increased, twisted or perverted, we then get to deal with them in a more healthy way.  Now the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey use to say, is that if we still try to avoid them and hold onto them, they all will come tumbling down all at once.  We will have them like it or not, often in a non-productive way.  So the ADD/HD impacted person is offered both a better way to deal with emotions and a curse if they do not.


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