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Standing Ovations for Dr. Kevin

"Dr. Kevin, please continue to give hope to our children."

- Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker featured on the "Secret"


"A brilliant, transformational, and therapeutic book that will change the way you view A.D.D./A.D.H.D. and will heal your child. Highly recommended."

-Thom Hartman, Author of “Thom Hartman's Complete Guide to ADHD”


"His practical common sense, combined with his uncanny gift for seeing the 'truth' of the situation (all finished off with a wicked sense of humour) put him in an unrivaled class when it comes to both personal and business development."

- Olivia Stefanino, International Speaker & Author of "Be Your Own Guru"


"Your uncanny understanding of my A.D.D. and teaching me the tools to deal with it allow me to use A.D.D. to my own benefit. That is quite a statement and testimony to your work."

- Noel Shapiro, Architect


"I have often heard the term 'holistic practitioner' but have never truly understood its meaning until working with Dr. Emery. He helped me achieve and maintain better physical health and emotional health, change destructive thought processes and belief systems of a lifetime, and guided me to a larger view of who I am and how I fit into the world."

- K.F. – Senior Vice President, Energy Re-Seller


"He possesses a rare and unique combination of skills with his intuitive diagnoses, Reiki healings, life coaching and counseling, as well as a great understanding and use of homeopathic and naturopathic products. He interfaces, accepts and understands most all alternative modalities such as Acupuncture, Herbals, and Breathwork. I believe him to be a perfect representative of all the Complementary Medical Practices that so many people all over the world are craving today!"

- Teresa M. Vanderlinde, D.O., President, My Friend's Gynecologist, LLC


"Dr. Emery offers parents hope and keen insight of what A.D.D. is and how to deal with it. He boldly breaks from traditional psychology by avoiding quick fix medications and child labeling. Dr. Emery views A.D.D. from a full life perspective that reveals positive attributes and constructive treatment."

-Dr. Robert V. Gerard, Author and Self-Empowered Psychologist



"As the wife of an ADD diagnosed spouse, the mother of an ADHD seven year-old son, and the mother of a five year-old son who has been referred for an ADD diagnosis, I feel I am rather uniquely qualified to make this recommendation."

- Sally A. Chase


“Dr. Kevin Ross has one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever experienced. His work on ADD for adults is ground-breaking. I highly recommend you read his book Managing the Gift: Alternative approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder.”

- Michelle Price, Information Entrepreneur, Social Media Capitalist, Book & Content Marketing Strategist


“You have helped our child get off the medication that he hated taking and we hated to have him on. You helped this child move from a child the teachers complained about with a C-average to a child that the teachers are now saying is a model student and who is on the honor role. We thank you from the bottom and top of our hearts…”

- J.A. of Lanexa, VA.


“My son is adamant about working with Dr. Emery. He is the only one we have ever taken our son to who he will open up to and allow himself to be helped by.”

-H.B. of Portsmouth, NH.


“Dr. Kevin is the professional's professional, the coach's coach and the teacher's teacher. I am already a success in my career, but am ready to take it to the next level and working with Dr. Kevin will help me do just that. Through his intuitive coaching, I am not only growing my business, but I am growing myself!”

-Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington, Senior Minister Creative Living Fellowship

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