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Synergize Your Team

July 12th, 2013 05:00:00 am

Synergy is simply when two or more things functioning together produce a result not independently obtainable. In the context of organizational behavior, following the view that a cohesive group is more than the sum of its parts, synergy is the ability of a group to outperform even its best individual member.  If used in a business application, synergy means teamwork will produce an overall better result than if each person within the group was working toward the same goal individually.  When one synergizes their team they increase output, do it better, grow faster, and organically take their business and their dreams to places they didn’t even consider. 


Over and over again, I have found the mismanagement of human resources is what held a business back, limiting its potential, and frustrating the people involved.  A highly synergized team finds more joy in what they do, what they create, has more ownership, and are less likely to jump ship. 


Knowing how to synergize one’s team also allows you to choose your team better as you go along, as well as, make adjustments within the team you have.


We want team members who do not limit their participation to their job description nor to their own limiting belief systems.  So expand the interview/intake process to get a sense of the whole person.  The amount of underutilized or misplaced employees is one of the unnecessary costs of business in America.  This happens because these individuals are seen as the filler of a job description instead of a uniquely gifted and talented individual. 


Now there are many uses of the word team.  In this case, team means your in-house people.  First, we start with alignment between the vision and mission statements and the key player(s).  Once this has been done, then we move into aligning the people whom you are bringing into the team or already have on the team, with the vision and mission statements.  Once the alignment is in place it’s time to go through the four Ps with everyone on the team: Power, Passion, Purpose, and Process. 


Find out where the team members’ power lies, where are they most talented, where do they feel strongest, and where they have the most connection to their own professional and personal power.


Then you want to find out what is their passion?  What do they get passionate about both in and out of the workplace?  What puts them into Einstein Time and what keeps them in Newtonian Time?


After you have a handle on where their power lies and what their passions are, then it’s time for purpose.  What is their purpose, both in their career, their personal life, as well as in the greater world?


And finally, process.  How do they process information, what role do they play in team activities, in social ones? How do they best learn, how do they best teach?  No matter what expertise they are bringing to the table, at some point, there will be things they have to learn and if they are synergized, things they will have to teach, no matter how formally or informally the teaching might be. 


From here, you, the owner/CEO, need to create open, flowing communications within the team.  If you don’t know how, then bring in someone to teach you, work with you, and help you get to the place where you can.  Not someone to do it for you because you don’t want all the synergy and all the loyalty to walk out the door with someone else.  


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Once you have come to really understand your key team members then you can begin to divvy up the work, create the partnerships on projects that will be most beneficial, stimulate the team, and bring that team into synergy.


There are always those things one doesn’t have joy in doing that one has to or needs to do, in order to be successful.  There is the tipping point and when you are on the right side of the tipping point, even if it doesn’t bring you joy to do it, you can do it more joyfully.  People for years have been asking me what I do for work and I tell them I don’t do work, I do joy.  Joy for me is getting up every morning because I get paid to be me, to live my passions, walk in my power, and know I am living out my life’s purpose.  Isn’t that what this is all about? 

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