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Sterlizing Women

April 25th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Sterlizing Women

Outside The Box: Should Unfit Parents Be Allowed to Continue to Procreate?


This week I had two different items came across my attention around this issue of sterilizing unfit parents. One was a report about how over 150 women, in prison in California, who were sterilized to cut welfare cost. And I went mmmm.  And proceeded to put the article aside to cogitate on it later. 


Then I saw this article about Jessica Dutro who beat to death her four-year-old child because she suspected he was gay.  And again I went mmmm.  Upon reading the article further it said the defendant and her boyfriend had to face a picture of the four children involved well this was read:  "These four beautiful children lived every day in fear," the relatives wrote in a statement for the court. "Fear of wondering if they would be beat or not."


First, I wondered why were these relatives not pounding down the door of social services if they knew what was going on. Then again, the horror stories coming out of foster care, they could have gotten beaten in one of those homes just as easily. Maybe the abuse would have been caught quicker in foster care.


But the question to ask is this: Is sterilization an option that should even be on the table?  Should a serial rapist be neutered?  Should abusive parents that kill or even severely beat their children be allowed to bring any more children into the world? I would love to hear people weigh in on this but unless someone has an argument I haven’t thought of to sway my opinion--I say…yes, sterilization is an option. 


If you beat your children and actually beat on to death for any reason (though beating a four year old to death because he is gay is a double whammy) should not be allowed to continue to procreate.  A few years back, they discovered a mother who had killed her first set of kids, and then she killed her second set. Law enforcement only discovered the original incident was not an accident after she had killed the second set of children.


Of course the death penalty would eliminate the necessity of sterilization.  If you’re going to act like a rabid animal, maybe you need to be put down like one.  They say the death penalty doesn’t deter people from committing crimes that have a death sentence but in cases like this, a dead Jessica will never kill another of her own children or grandchildren or anyone else’s child because she thinks they might be gay, at the age of four.


Let the debate begin.



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