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Privacy Policy

Managing The Gift and MyDrKevin.com Absolutely Respect Your Privacy!


The following Privacy Policy applies to the services and products available on the domain and sub domains of www.ManagingTheGift.com and www.MyDrKevin.com, and generally applies to our subsidiaries or joint venture websites.


Member privacy is very important to www.ManagingTheGift.com  and www.MyDrKevin.com.  We do not sell, rent or lease your personal, and/or corporate information, to third parties for any purpose.


Www.ManagingTheGift.com and www.MyDrKevin.com  automatically tracks certain information based upon actions taken on the website. This information is used for internal research on advancing the website as a whole.


In regards to users and subdomains, www.ManagingTheGift.com and www.MyDrKevin.com  collects personal and corporate information and utilizes such information in a non-personally identifiable manner for marketing and promotional purposes. Information such as your name, email address and phone number are not disclosed to any third party entity.


Www.ManagingTheGift.com and www.MyDrKevin.com  members are strictly held responsible for all actions taken with their account. Our Terms and Conditions are available by clicking here. We do not recommend that you disclose your ManagingTheGift or MyDrKevin  account information with any third party. Failure to utilize www.ManagingTheGift.com and www.MyDrKevin.com with the utmost moral standards will result in an immediate loss of privileges.


Www.ManagingTheGift.com and www.MyDrKevin.com information is stored in the United States. We follow strict guidelines and utilize numerous security safeguards to protect your information against loss, theft and unauthorized access. With that being said, users understand that 100% security does NOT exist on the Internet.


Finally, www.ManagingTheGift.com and www.MyDrKevin.com may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Should this action take place, an email will be sent to all members detailing the changes of the existing policy.

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