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Part 2 The Four Levels of ADD/HD

September 5th, 2013 05:00:00 am

To recap from part one of The Four Levels of ADD/HD:


When I first started “seeing” things about ADD/HD with my Divine eyes, I would talk about how the different bodies were impacted.  In my earlier books and classes, I would often talk about how we have four bodies, not one.  We have a physical body, an emotional body, an intellectual body and a spiritual body. During a lifetime these four bodies have a balance to them and if not maintained will cause imbalances throughout the person’s life – imbalances that might show up physically or in the form of abusive or self-abusive patterns or as a disconnection from our Spiritual selves.  My messages took that form, uncovering what was going on in each of the four bodies for that person who was ADD/HD impacted.  How do they look different from people who are not impacted?  This is not to say that everyone who is not impacted looks identical, but as a group, the ADD/HD impacted individuals embody their patterns very differently.


Remember, these levels are explored more deeply in the book, Managing The Gift: Alternative Approaches to Attention Deficit Disorder, which can be ordered here.


In the first article, we covered the physical level and the emotional level. Now let’s look at the last two levels—intellectual and spiritual.




The Intellectual Level


Intellectually, the impacted person is trying to accesses more information – trying to use more of what we have but have never accessed before.  They also constantly dump thoughts out of their short-term memory if their brain has not found sufficient evidence for keeping them there.  However, if thoughts are determined to be worth putting into their long-term memory, they are there and will always be there.  Often thoughts do not make it past their short-term memory at all because it is seen as temporary and useless information.  If justification can be made as to the information’s importance then it might be upgraded, if not then out with the next memory dump.  Yet anything that fascinates this mind can be remembered in the minutest of details, with information attached to it, that from anyone else’s perspective would be seen as useless.  If fascinating, all attached information is considered important.  There are also patterns of receiving and processing information, which when understood and worked with, are quite amazing and efficient.  The other thing about the intellectual level of the ADD/HD impacted person is the brain has a mind of its own, so telling it something is important or worth remembering is an exercise is futility.  Also, the fact that they still will not do something falls into what I call unwilling willing disobedience.  They do not forget or forget how on purpose, but it surely can look that way.


There is also the stubbornness factor about changing a conclusion.  Because of the vast amount of information coming to this person, they will not question what they already know.  Having reached a conclusion, they will not change it.  One must work not with the conclusion but how they have reached it.


The Spiritual Level


The person impacted with ADD/HD is very often more aware of their connection to a source of “higher” power and to the earth herself.  When supported in their spirituality and their spiritual quest, they can be amazing.  When suppressed, however, their reactions can be disastrous and they will strike out.  They come to bring us wisdom and justice; not always do either indicate compassion.  These gifted people do not always tolerate intentional acts of cruelty or abuse, whether to them, to each other, to animals or to the world.  They arrive with a knowing they are here, really here, to make the world a better place, but a better place from the whole earth perspective, which includes all living things upon the earth.  They will often have clear past life memories.  They may cry when they see the wanton destruction of woodlands so that another mall can be put just a few yards down the street from the old mall, which is only half full.  It is not in their nature to respond well to “because that’s the way it’s always been” or “because I said so” or “that’s just the way it is.”  They will ask questions that could likely embarrass us, because our judgmental or selfish side is showing.  They come in droves, feeling the pain of the world and the earth, because someone has to before it is too late!  They come to help, to save us from ourselves and to succeed when given the chance – when we can stop punishing/drugging them long enough to hear their message to us.


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