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Managing the Gift App


Internationally renowned child and adult ADD/HD expert, author and speaker, Dr. Kevin announced the release of a first-of-its-kind “Managing the Gift” App, which reveals the true potential of each child living with ADD/HD. This App provides conscientious parents, educators and other caregivers with a more comprehensive and unbiased understanding of ADD/HD, negating common unfavorable labels and restrictive predispositions.





The app offers a social platform where users can connect with others who are managing their own gifts as individuals with ADD/HD. It has information in both video and written formats to give insights on medications, diet, environment, education and more.  Information is available for parents of children gifted with ADD/HD, as well as adults.  Also available for purchase through the app is an opportunity to answer some questions, identify your shade on the Dr. Kevin rainbow and get a 17-19 page report to help you or your child maximize the gifts while minimizing, the challenges


“It’s going to be a breath of fresh air helping people really understand how to support themselves and their children,” says Dr. Kevin.




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