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Limiting Children through Gender Assignment

March 10th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Limiting Children through Gender Assignment

The moment a child is born, the process of influencing the child based on their gender begins. First it's the colors they should wear, then it's the toys they should play with, the activities they should engage in, and the behaviors that are and are not acceptable.


Children are born on a spectrum of masculine and feminine energy. They are individuals with likes, dislikes, natural talents, natural attractions and aversions to colors, toys, and activities. What would happen if we didn't try to shape them into what we think a little girl or boy are “supposed to”be?


What if we gave children a wide choice of activities, toys, colors, and clothes? Would they be more likely to explore all of who they are, instead of focusing on the aspects of themselves that are unacceptable? Would they be less likely to shy away from the things they've been conditioned to think were not “ladylike” or “manly”?


What would our world look like if people could look past gender and spend more time on developing the truth of who they are?  Could we have a world where gender did not determine career, behavior, appearance or clothing?


Why are we so afraid to allow children to choose without influence or conditioning, from the toys they play with, to the clothes they wear, to their favorite colors? What fears have we superimposed on them? How have we limited them from the get go, by setting up a “right” and “wrong” mentality of who they need to be in order to be loved, accepted, and even successful in this day and age? What would happen if we allowed a child to  become they were born to be? Would it be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it? Would that be such a bad thing if it were? What is it that you ignored, gave up on, or talked yourself out of exploring because you didn't have the right body parts? Isn't it time this insanity, this madness ended?



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