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Journey To Greatness Tip #5

November 29th, 2013 05:00:00 am

Journey To Greatness Tip #5

Recipe for Greatness Stew:




The secret to any good recipe: the right combination of high quality ingredients and spices, prepared in the optimum way, for the perfect amount of time. Greatness Stew is no exception; it is what you can serve others, feeding them on your collective journey to greatness.






       Something meaty, to sink your teeth into.



       A bit of poultry; something you can fly with.



       And something from the sea, to keep you swimming in the right energies.



       A combination of root vegetables,



       Members of the nightshade family,



       Some legumes,



       And something from the cabbage patches.






In a large pot, take something meaty (something you can sink your teeth into, like the natural talents and gifts you were born with), add something meaty (for instance, the way in which you want to change the world), and cook in oil on high heat. Now, for some seafood—a driving passion. Saute the meat and seafood with a sliced onion (something worth getting emotional about, shedding a few tears), chopped mushrooms (for someone else to get excited about), and cubed root vegetables: potatoes, carrots, and yams (a foundation for the journey).




Once the onions have turned translucent and your stew is sizzling hot, add nightshades—diced up tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant (so people can digest your message).




Turn the heat down to medium and stir. Let sit for five minutes, then add beans and nuts (unexpected surprises to keep people engaged; plus, they're nutrient dense) along with broccoli and cabbage (to chew on, mull over, ponder and reflect).




Leave the stew on medium heat, stirring frequently. Your attentiveness to the recipe (the process) will carry over into your everyday life.




Once all the contents are in the pot, spice the recipe according to your audience. How about something sweet and sour (sour = the problem; sweet = the solution)? Maybe an aromatic curry, or a teaspoon of bright yellow turmeric (to solve the long-term problem now, at the root of it while it's still easy and hasn't evolved). Or a raging cajun spice (this will hurt going in and coming out; get all hot and bothered in order to do something about it).





Now the meat and vegetables are cooking down and blending together, and the aromas of the stew are spilling out of the pot, into the atmosphere, you may find yourself wondering: why am I serving this Greatness Stew to others? Why should I be cooking it up for them?




All truly great people in the world, who have done and continue to do great things, have not attained greatness on their own. You can't do it alone. Those who try make it harder for themselves in the long run. Sometimes, they do more damage to their cause than good—presenting it half-cooked, without the necessary preparations, causing their support systems come down with food poisoning.




Oh, and most importantly: passion, drive, and a need—not a desire—to do something in the world, for the world, is a requirement for the journey to greatness. Hence, I give you this recipe for Greatness Stew.



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