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Gotta Love Drive Thru

September 11th, 2013 05:00:00 am

Gotta Love Drive Thru

We can access money we don’t have, grab food which contributes to bad health and pick up the drugs our bad financial state and bad eating create the need for.


America entered a whole new age in the fifties with its now mass obsession with cars.  We got hooked on drive-in movie theaters and restaurants where we could sit right there in our big comfy car seats and be served our food by pretty girls on roller skates.  Today, America’s attachment to its car is more about its enslavement to a lifestyle with too much to do and too little time, and its obsession with quick fixes has not only expanded the quick cheap food concept but the drive through concept itself.  


Over sixty years later, we have drive thru everything it seems; banking, dry cleaning, getting our food, our prescriptions, our alcohol, soda and cigarettes.  I am waiting for the day when we can just drive up, tell our list of symptoms over a speaker, have a scanner scan us and in one of those vacuum tubes, like at the bank, our prescription bottle, all filled, will come flying down to us. 


There was a time when movie studios and movie theaters were owned by the same people.  If you wanted to see an MGM musical, you had to go to a Lowe’s owned theater, they were in bed together.  You went to a Lowe’s theater, you got an MGM movie, like it or not.  Today we have “store brands” and other attempts to double dip from the consumer.  Am I saying that is a bad thing?  Not necessarily but I am wondering how soon before we start seeing “a doc in a box drive thru”?   How soon before we see doctors and hospitals being openly sponsored by drug companies?  The selection of drugs you’re offered will be tied to a drug company just as movies were tied to theater houses.   So, whatever their selection of drugs is will fit what ever your symptoms, real or imagined, and what the scan says you need.  Life is good, right?  


In some cases, the only thing different in that scenario and what happens today is the connections are kept hush, hush.  There are no sponsorship signs hanging out on the lab saying “this research is being sponsored by…” More often then you would think, when a drug company underwrites a research study their drug gets presented with favorable data. If the data isn’t so favorable, the emphasis and presentation of the data is done in such a way as to push the findings in the favorable direction.  What is the old saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you?” 


Hospitals and providers, who are losing to the cutbacks of insurance companies and government hand out agencies, are more than happy to have those little thank-you perks to make up the difference, from wherever they can get them.  They make the majority of their money through sick people (no conflict of interest there, right?) and drugs have all those lovely side effects, a match made in heaven.  Returning business, good strategy.


No matter, maybe I exaggerate; maybe I don’t.  And guess what, every adult gets to decide if they want to put more time and energy towards preventive care or illness care.  So what if there may be all sorts of more natural, more harmonious solutions they could be doing which might give them fewer or no side effects, as long as I don’t have to pay the bill for their bad choices.  That’s right, I do have to pay the bill, but that’s another conversation.


 My concern right now with drive thru, quick fix, one size fits all medical care is for the children.

*     Children who are emotionally or mentally incapable of making good choices which would help and are having bad choices forced on them. 

*     Children who are being medicated due to convenience. 


More convenient for whom, you may ask? More convenient to the schools, to the parents and to any other providers for those children, a win, win, win LOOSE, situation.  Oh well, three out of four ain’t bad. 


So what will be the next hot craze for drive thru? Well, we already have an oil and lube for our car, how about a quick fix for kids drive thru?  You drive up, submit the list of complaints the teachers, neighbors, parents and family have, we enter gender, put them on a scale for weight and height and then poof, we get a complete list of diagnoses and just the right combination of pills to keep them quiet, obedient, sufficiently dumb and which is a child we can be proud of. 


Wouldn’t getting Ken and Barbie life size dolls have been easier?



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