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Famous People with ADHD: Are You One Waiting to Happen?

May 9th, 2014 08:00:00 am

Famous People with ADHD: Are You One Waiting to Happen?

            I tend to get ideas for blog topics from the internet or magazines, basing things on current events, but today I'm going to focus on something different—my latest book, Famous People with ADHD: Are You One Waiting to Happen? The book was released three weeks ago and has been climbing the charts in categories like Personal Transformation and Social Sciences. Thank you to everyone who has bought the book, read the book, reviewed the book, and helped us get up there! I have a gift to say “thanks.” Today and tomorrow, for 48 hours only, the book will be available for free.


            Famous People with ADHD explores why there are so many famous ADD/HD individuals who flourished—in everything from the arts and entertainment to sports, business and world politics. We break down the different areas in which the ADD or ADHD individual thrives, based on their color of ADD/HD—which you can read more about on my Dr Kevin APP.


            I talk a lot about celebrities and famous people with ADD/HD. Some of them admit to taking medications. Some even represent pharmaceutical companies, saying things like, “I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for my prescription.” What they're not saying is how many hundreds of thousands they were paid to represent that drug. No one is touting pharmaceuticals for free, out of the goodness of their hearts. It's all underwritten by major corporations.


            I bet dollars to donuts that the things that made these people famous—the songs they sang, the music they created, the films they acted in, the crazy stunts they pulled that stayed in people's minds—were not done when they were on medication. I challenge them to say they were on medication when they did things that made them famous. It is highly unlikely that they were. I bet that when they decided they wanted to be “normal,” they signed on to a prescription. Instead of doing the work that they needed to do, they copped out and took a pill.


            What message does that send to the people that look up to them? That you're not alright the way you are; that you have to be medicated to “fit in.” Empowerment is the power to be uniquely who you are, without apology. When we force somebody into medication, we are forcing them to apologize for who they are. We're saying you have to be what others want you to be, not what you need you to be.


            If you're interested to hear more about famous people with ADHD and the gifts that got them there, treat yourself to a free copy of my latest book. Again, thank you to everyone who has already read it. 

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