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Top Ten Inventions by Inventors with ADHDTop Ten Inventions by Inventors with ADHD

Ten inventions that wouldn't exist if society started labeling, disabling, and medicating people with ADD, ADHD, ADD/HD earlier. Why? Because the individuals who invented these things would most likely be diagnosed with ADHD today, based on observational methods of diagnosis. &n...



The Business SoulThe Business Soul

  Share on Facebook   Click to subscribe to Behind the Curtain. Often we hear the idea of the soulless/faceless corporation. The question is, did corporations ever have souls - and, if so, what happened to them?   There was a time when businesses...



Are You Turning Business Away?Are You Turning Business Away?

Are you turning business away? Can you afford to?   Knowing when to keep your mouth shut.     Company owners large and small may want to realize that unless social commentary, religion, or politics is their business, they m...



The Energy Crisis is an Inside JobThe Energy Crisis is an Inside Job

Hello everyone! I want to welcome Patrick Durkin to the Behind the Curtain blog. Patrick is one of our fantastic affiliates and I convinced him to share some of his passion, his wisdom, and his business with you. You can also find his product linked on our site under the Resources tab. ...



Synergize Your TeamSynergize Your Team

Synergy is simply when two or more things functioning together produce a result not independently obtainable. In the context of organizational behavior, following the view that a cohesive group is more than the sum of its parts, synergy is the ability of a group to outperform even its b...



Four Ways to Make Your Presentation a Perfect 10Four Ways to Make Your Presentation a Perfect 10

Share on Facebook   Do you enjoy meetings and seminars? What about classes and workshops?   We've all given our 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' to teachers, presenters and instructors along the way. Sometimes we felt sorry for them. Sometim...



Fear FactorFear Factor

Today we use science, statistical data, patriotism, religion, popularity, wealth, health, and love, to name a few, as ways to control.  We are manipulated by what we may or may not be, become, have, lose, never get or some other version of suffering, if we do not do, think or verba...



Would the Light Bulb Have Gone Off?Would the Light Bulb Have Gone Off?

  Share on Facebook   Click to subscribe to Behind the Curtain. Between the afraid and the apathetic, we have created enough of our population to fully allow our elected government to determine whom and to what level should be accountable without questioning ...


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