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Double Standards: The Fall of the American Empire

March 3rd, 2014 05:00:00 am

Double Standards: The Fall of the American Empire

The more we allow those who have taken sacred vows to represent us, protect us and provide for us to subscribe to a double standard of behavior, the more we contribute to the fall of the American Empire.


We allow institutions, elected officials, corporate entities, the wealthy and famous (celebrities, athletes, and the like) to get away with things that others would not be able to; things that a poor black man in Mississippi, a Hispanic woman in Arizona, a Muslim man in the Midwest, an LGBTQ individual in the deep South, or a liberal in Texas would be arrested and locked up for, the key thrown into the nearest sewer, never to be seen again.


We allow organizations with special government benefits or subsidies to preach hate and bigotry, to commit conscious acts of murder, and punish them with a mere slap on the wrist—or worse, bailouts for bad behavior.


We Americans talk out of both sides of our mouths on a regular basis—so much so that our necks have perpetual whiplash. Whoever commits horrendous, unforgivable acts should be horsewhipped within an inch of their lives. But instead we buy into their attempts to convince us they were fully justified and simply misunderstood. Not only do we buy into this, we also re-elect them.


Insanity, according to Santayana, is doing the same thing while expecting different results. We need to hold every institution, agency, government official, corporate entity, celebrity, athlete, and the rich and famous to a higher standard; take the Velcro off our backsides, put the remote controls down, remember how to think, act and speak out to eliminate the double standard. Otherwise, we have no one but ourselves to blame for the end of the American Empire.



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