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Managing the Gift Daily Practices CD   $14.95


Designed as a companion to the remarkable book Managing the Gift, this CD features two daily meditations as well as detailed explanations of other daily practices that ADD and ADHD individuals can do to help Manage their gifts.

Guided by the author, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, this CD promotes stability, attention, productivity and is a must have tool for ADD and ADHD individuals be they children or adults.

What is our reaction? We complain that they are inconvenient – that they do not “fit in the box.” We often decide that the best option is to medicate and try to forget them. Well, change is long over due…and many of our institutions and paradigms will need to shift in the process. That, too, is long overdue.

Managing the Gift Daily Practices CD provides instruction on daily tools and exercises for those gifted with ADD/HD.






Managing the Gifts of ADD/HD: Exploring Your Unlimited Potential For Greatness $47.00 

3 Disc Compilation DVDs

Noted ADD/HD expert, author, and thought leader, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, illuminates, educates, and empowers those who have ADD/HD and those who love them. In this journey you’ll come to understand why Dr. Kevin has been referred to as having the “Owner’s Manual to the ADD Brain”. Learn why he advocates to “manage not medicate” and has come to understand why this thing we call ADD/HD is a gift, is part of the evolutionary process, and how these individuals broaden the bandwidth of humanity.

PART ONE · ADD/HD: Is It a Gift?

In this first video, explore why ADD/HD is part of the evolutionary process and is broadening the bandwidth of humanity. Listen to Dr. Kevin explain how, when and why these children and adults went from being seen as “gifted” to “cursed”.

PART TWO · Understanding the Gifts of ADD/HD

On this DVD, we take an in-depth look at the gifts of ADD/HD, what those gifts are here to do for the individual and how they are here to be of service to the world.

PART THREE · Managing the Gifts of ADD/HD

In the final video, we move from recognizing and understanding the gifts of ADD/HD to managing them. What are those resources that keep the gift a gift and keeps the ‘curse’—which one typically associates with ADD/HD—at bay.



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