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Breaking Our Children

August 27th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Breaking Our Children

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Today, I want to talk about how we break things that aren't broken, so we can avoid fixing the things that are—especially when it comes to our children. I have worked with ADD/HD individuals for sixteen years now, both children and adults. I've said over and over: it is not a disability, it is not a disorder. ADD/HD is part of the evolutionary process, broadening the bandwidth of humanity.


I'm saddened by what I've seen happen in the last fifteen years. What happens? We don't fix the broken education system. We don't address the toxicity of our diets, of our environments. We don't look at authority figures who are influenced by those who write the biggest checks, instead of choosing the greater good.


What we do instead is break our children. We label, disable, and medicate them. We don't challenge the fact that the food pyramid is horrible for them, that these medications have toxic long-term side effects that are just coming to light. We don't look at how the education system has been slipping from the world's stage for twenty years now—a downward spiral because the way we educate doesn't work anymore.


Through all this, we break our kids. We make the failure theirs. They fail to be the children we want them to be. They fail to be the students we want them to be. They fail to act in the way we want them to. Yet we don't look at what we've done. We don't look at the food we feed them, the environment we expose them to, the requirements we have of them. We make it all about their failure. We break them. We medicate them, making them into zombies. They pick up guns, perpetrate acts of violence, and and we go: why? Why? Why?! Really? Why?


Because we didn't consciously, actively parent them. We didn't advocate for them, or teach them to advocate for themselves. We didn't put them on a really good, clean, healthy eating lifestyle. We didn't show up when it was imperative. We were too busy working, making it happen. Going out there, struggling. We were having more kids than we had the bandwidth to parent. We were passing them onto eighteen year olds—barely kids themselves—to be looked after.


We wonder why. When you ask the question why, look in the mirror. When we're looking at what we've done to our children, let's look in the mirror again. Stop giving your power away to the pharmaceuticals. Stop giving your power away to the institution of education, to the authority figures. Stop giving your power away to what the neighbors will think. Create a life where you can actively parent your child, and then parent them. Discover your child. Support them to be the unique being they are. Burn the cubicle. Get rid of the box. Make a difference.  



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