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Bloodied Hands

February 24th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Bloodied Hands

“We” say we are morally outraged when we hear about intentionally malicious actions carried out by big corporations—the pollution of the environment, poisonous chemicals in our food, drugs, even our soaps and shampoos—who, whether actively getting us addicted or simply withholding information that is valuable to consumer health, are outright lying to us.


How can companies be so reprehensible and irresponsible, and all for the sake of a dollar? Greedy bastards. But before we condemn them for their blood-soaked hands, have you checked your own lately? Here are a few things to ask yourself before you go all Lady Macbeth on everyone:


1.     Do you support evildoers by purchasing their products or utilizing their services?

2.     Are you educating yourself on issues that are important to you, formulating your own informed decisions and opinions, and ensuring that your voice is being heard and exercising your rights to free speech when issues are raised?

3.     Do you vote? In local elections?

4.     Are you a stockholder in any of these companies? Personally, or in your 401K?


If you in any way profit from the shenanigans of big corporations, you might want to start practicing your best Lady Macbeth. “Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say!”



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