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Bit in the Ass

October 3rd, 2014 04:05:00 pm

Bit in the Ass

How long do we stand aside and let them lie? Whether those liars are politicians, big corporations, our government, our churches—how long do we let them lie to us. Have we become so de-sensitized to the outrageous lies that we're unable to call bluffs any longer? We're gullible. Recently, someone running for office told a 6th grader that a man marrying a gay man is like a man marrying a dog. To say “I don't beieve in gay marriage because my faith tells me marriage is between a man and a woman” is one thing. To tell a 6th grader, as an authority figure, that two men marrying is equal to a man and a dog marrying is too far.


What about the lies that aren't that obvious? For instance: “there's no long term damage,” but “oops, we forgot to report that stuff” and we've already made millions so... Yet, we put up with this. We role model to our children that it's okay to lie, that the end justifies the means.


We really need to look at this. We have gotten so far away from truth in this country, so desensitized to the lies that I'm starting to wonder if we'd recognize truth if it bit us in the ass. If we don't stand up and start crying foul to some of the things authority figures do and say, we are going to get bit in the ass—hard.  


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