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Bigotry is Alive & Well

October 10th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Bigotry is Alive & Well

It's no great surprise that bigotry is alive and well. I was recently reading how in Anderson, South Carolina, the DMV forced a gender non-conforming teen to remove his makeup before having his driver's license photograph taken. Officials there insisted that he didn't look the way a boy “should.”


This is normal behavior for a man who wears androgynous clothes and makeup daily. They said it was against DMV rules to wear a disguise. So if makeup is a disguise, these clowns that work there should identify themselves by wearing clown makeup. It should be equal. How about this: the women in Anderson, SC should not be allowed to wear makeup, since it's a disguise. What about their DMV photographs? This way of thinking is a bait and switch. You date a woman with makeup and then you see them without and think, whoa, they look so different. And what about male models? Aren't the characters we see in magazines and on TV—male and female—wearing makeup?


Whatever the case, bigotry is alive and well in Anderson, SC, where someone's gender determines what they're allowed to wear in their DMV photo.  



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