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Beyond ADHD

August 6th, 2014 05:00:00 am

Beyond ADHD

I have decided that—after 16 years of working with it, a lifetime of having it, of having a relationship with it—it has to go. Not because of what it does that gets in my way, but what many of you out there have been brainwashed into thinking about IT.


If you want to be disabled by your ADHD, go for it! Ignore all the things that help manage it, environmental factors that exacerbate it, and give into it. Be disabled. But I am tired of explaining how, as a cash cow, it behooves us to be misled into thinking it is a disability or a mental condition.


I especially get tired of it when people tell me I don't understand, or that I don't get it. What I get is that I'm capable of taking responsibility for my life, that I can make good choices and those choices effect how my ADHD plays out in my life. If you knew something you ate was going to make you double over in pain and fall on the floor, would you take a pill, and keep eating it, or would you just stop eating it? Duh! So eat (or feed) a crappy diet to an ADHD/er and watch the bad behaviors escalate. Then say, “I need the drugs,” “I have to have them,” and “it's a disability, you know.” A disability of self-control or of parenting, perhaps.


Say you're thrown in a closet and the door is closed; you get claustrophobic and hyperventilate, so you take something to make you mentally, emotionally, and physically shut down, to the point that you're oblivious to being in a closet. Our society takes highly creative, curious, and very intelligent brains and puts them in a closet called public education; when the brain starts to hyperventilate, we medicate it into submission.


So I now have my BA in ADHD, which means I'm Beyond ADHD. Yes, it's a way that I think, process information, and experience the world. Yes, it has its gifts and its curses—everything does. If you are so attached to the curses that it is all you can define yourself by, then we probably have nothing more to talk about. If you feel lost in your ADHD but understand that you have this wonderfully mysterious gift—that in this moment may cause more pain than good but you know it's changeable—and want to change, then step right up! But if you want or need to have a disability, go for it! Just leave me out of the equation.


I have a gift; a gift shared by Einstein, Edison, Buffet, and Branson, to name a few. I will help someone discover their gifts and use them to stand out in what they were born to do, but I'm not interested in medicating zombies to fit in. So there it is. You got a disability? Go away. You got a gift that you're ready to own and learn to manage? Step to the front of the line.  




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