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ADHD and Tourette Syndrome

July 16th, 2014 05:00:00 am

ADHD and Tourette Syndrome

I recently read an article on Additude Magazine that I couldn't resist making one or two comments on, not to mention adding in a few different insights. Go figure!


Here is the article and the ten conditions:

ADHD Plus: 10 Conditions that May Show Up with Attention Deficit

  1. ADHD and Depression

  2. ADHD and Learning Disabilities

  3. ADHD and Anxiety

  4. ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  5. ADHD and Bipolar Disorder

  6. ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder

  7. ADHD and Autism

  8. ADHD and Substance Abuse

  9. ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome

  10. ADHD and Conduct Disorder


In this series of blogs, I have been going through these conditions one by one and offering my unique perspective. Keep in mind that the National Institute of Health stated that we have a 20% rate of misdiagnosis, and it is very difficult to get rid of a label. I suspect the misdiagnosis rate would be higher if they remove the ADHD label and discover the real diagnosis—which could be another condition altogether, or the result of environmental circumstances ranging from bad diet to bad parenting or abuse. But the American Medical Association is not known for wanting to take ownership where it has previously been wrong; they'd rather bury a diagnosis instead of admit they were at fault.


Stimulant medication was previously thought to cause Tourette’s syndrome in ADHD kids. Recent research has shown that both disorders have similar risk factors—smoking during pregnancy, being born prematurely, and low birth weight. Those with Tourette’s exhibit motor and vocal tics—rapid, repetitive movements and sounds. About 90 percent of those with Tourette’s syndrome also have another disorder, the most common being ADHD.

- ADDitude Magazine


In cases where I worked with ADD/HD children who had Tourette's, the same process of changing diet and detoxifying their system more often than not extremely lessened the appearance of Tourette's syndrome, or eliminated it altogether. Will I say that I fixed, cured, or got rid of it? Never. I can only report that the symptoms were less observable according to the parents.


The high correlations between toxic substances ingested during pregnancy and Tourette's syndrome tells me that releasing toxins from the system and minimizing the introductions of new ones helps. But that solution has far too little monetary profit, and far too much common sense to be considered an option for traditional medicine.


Before you or someone you know rushes off to the doctor to get another diagnosis and prescription on top of ADHD, check what the side effects of current medications are. Could they be causing some of the symptoms? Then, seek alternative options. Beware of rushing down the rabbit hole of prescriptions, especially when it comes to your children's health. How far will we go in medicating our youth before we say “enough is enough!”?


ADHD's incredibly high co-morbid rate of 80% leads me to believe that something is not adding up. Our symptom-focused world of medicine is causing at least as many problems as it is solving—and more in some cases. Fifteen minutes with a doctor is considered a long visit these days. Continuing education credits for doctors are underwritten by pharmaceutical companies. Decisions are being made that fly in the face of what our own institutions have show us. Around many of these issues, someone is toying with parents, as well as the American population as a whole. We're being made to look and act like fools; treated like rubes at a carnival who get fleeced by drug companies, corporations like Monsanto and General Mills, our media, and most of all, by our own government. I am not talking conspiracy theories here. I am talking about groups of people who are spending lots and lots of money in order to make lots of money; people who pay to sway politicians, while we rubes get fleeced—through what we're charged, what we are paid, how we are manipulated and sometimes even bullied into spending—to keep the bribery loop called lobbying alive and well.




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