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ADD-ADHD: Meditation or Medication

March 26th, 2014 05:00:00 am

ADD-ADHD: Meditation or Medication

    Recently, I interviewed one of my ADD/HD heroes; a woman who has ADD/HD herself, four kids, just finished nursing school, had one child diagnosed with ADD/HD, and the school wanted her to get a diagnosis for another one of her children. During the interview, we discussed some of the things that worked for her and her daughter. A few things really stood out to me.


     First, was the multiple attempts at the correct dosages and medications and side effects, all attempts to help her daughter. That made this woman decide to take the summer to figure out what would truly help both of them better manage their ADD/HD. She understood it was a process, one that would take some adjustments and shifts along the way.


            Second, she realized some things worked better for her than others; therefore, if an alternative strategy such as diet, focus, or shift in daily habits and routines didn't work for her, it didn't mean that it didn't work at all—just that it wasn't the right one for her.


            Third, in both she and her daughter's case, she discovered meditation was very helpful, but not the only thing that needed to be in place. Diet, strategies, and a better understanding of where breakdowns happened and why they occurred were crucial to the process.


            She finished her last semester of nursing school with her best marks ever. She did this completely free of medications. During the same time period, her daughter went back to school without medications or side effects. And what happened to the other child, the one that the school wanted this woman to get a diagnoses for? Never happened, never medicated, never labeled, and is now on the honor role at school.


            Often people want to pan or criticize alternative strategies and shifts as an alternative to medicating because the one thing they tried wasn't the right one for them. Or, they didn't put a comprehensive protocol in place. Some people pick and choose what things they want to try out, but don't stick to them. They think that there will be one thing, one quick fix that will work. They don't understand that it's a process. It takes time, energy, and dedication. But it's worth it to be side effect free.


            In this day and age, it's easier to eat unhealthy than to eat healthy. It's easier to watch life go by than to participate actively. It is certainly easier to medicate a child than go through the process of creating and maintaining an individualized protocol and parenting style that renders medication unnecessary.


            This ADD/HD mother of four chose the harder way, and has no regrets in doing so.



"Road meditation" by Nickolai Kashirin  

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