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Who Killed Miley Cyrus?

August 27th, 2013 09:45:00 am

Who Killed Miley Cyrus?

Who killed Miley Cyrus?


Well somebody did. 


The question is did she die a slow death as she was fashioned into a Disney heroine and put under the pressures of having to be the perfect good girl, role model to millions...


...or did she just wake-up one day and realize that whatever had once been  Miley Cyrus was now lost under staging, branding, and the constant pressure of being someone that everyone else needed her to be? 


Or did the death start even before that by being exposed to media build up and tear downs of what good little girls were suppose to be? 


Was it the early ads and messaging, that all little boys and girls are exposed to?  Or perhaps the father that was routinely put on and torn down from a pedestal, because of that unattractive side to our human nature?  That we, as a society take out our frustration of our half (at best) lived lives, so we have to live vicariously through the images from Madison Avenue, Hollywood, Detroit or Nashville? 


We make them everything.  Then when we have put them there on that pedestal (and sometimes they put themselves there) we immediately have to tear them down.  We make sure that they feel the wrath of that which we feel over the frustrating - sometimes even pathetic - lives that we feel trapped into believing we have to live.


So one false Miley needed to die.  Except that the pendulum has now swung to the new false Miley who, in searching for her identity, has gone outside of herself....instead of inside.  Who has had to permanently destroy one false image through the creation of another.  From virginal, dewy-eyed innocent to seductive whore? 


She is just stealing another false self and expressing some level of rage at not being okay with just being herself.  Most likely she doesn’t even know who that is. 


Because being yourself is never popular or fashionable*Click to Tweet*


Every movie, glamour or trash magazine (is there a difference?) tells us that we are born inadequate and will always be inadequate.  But of course we can hide those inadequacies through clothes, labels, prescription drugs, acceptable or outrageous behaviours, and screwed up body images.  These are all made right through the right labels, the right cars, and the right look.  Except even when that look is airbrushed and impossible, we get addicted to the shame of being just who we are.  Shamed into hiding, pretending, spending money we don’t have, engaging in behaviours that dishonour our true selves, in order to reach unreachable goals. 


And all the while, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Fortune 500 companies, and the pharmaceutical industry get richer, destroying the essence of our being, messaging to us that it is NOT okay to be fine with being exactly who we are?


So I ask again: Who killed Miley? 


Today’s society did.  She is just another victim - like we all are - to greed, corruption and betrayal, by those elected to protect us. 


Miley, perhaps was never ever really born into who she was here to be, and yet has already reincarnated into another false self. 


May she rest in peace.


image source: Alex Kormis


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