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Miss America and the Tattoo

September 20th, 2013 05:00:00 am

Miss America and the Tattoo

Who knows whether boldly displaying her tattoo got Miss Kansas eliminated earlier on than normal.  I didn't watch Miss America, I haven't watched Miss America, since I figured out there was something objectifying about beauty contests that I was no longer interested in supporting.


This objectifying may have included messages that were sent about women and the reinforcement of ideologies that have hurt us as a functioning society in the long run. Regardless, let me stay on topic here. Was there or should there have been an issue with:

a)     A Miss America contestant having a tattoo

b)     Boldly displaying that tattoo?


Well duh?  It’s the great melting pot, right?  It’s the home of the free and the land of the brave, right?  The woman has the freedom to use her body as an artistic canvas if she wants to.  Do I personally like tattoos?  Not really, can't see myself ever getting one, but I have close friends and family members who have or have had them and it was their right and their business. None of them were thugs or lowlifes. Personally, I figure when God created my physical form so perfect, why augment it? It only distracts from the beauty I was naturally born with, but hey, you need to permanently or semi-permanently screw up perfection- you go for it.  Because I think that Spirit gave birth to you perfectly as well, but I know that is neither a popular or largely held belief system.  Want to make a statement- get a tee shirt, your statement may change, you will certainly change throughout your life and it is easier to change a tee shirt than remove a tattoo, but again, that is just me.

All that said, I absolutely defend her right to have one and to display one.  But she must also accept that prejudices run deep and her brave display of her right may have cost her the title.  We can change what people think but it's a process, it doesn't happen overnight and the majority of what is shoved down our throats through media and literature these days still objectifies women and keeps them in a pretty small box of what is beautiful. We have all been brainwashed into what Madison Avenue wants us to see beauty as, so they can sell us products to TRY to get us there, knowing from the onset we have all been set up to fail via Hollywood, Madison Ave and TV. This way, we will buy plenty of stuff to hide, shift or change our ugly selves, get lots of labels so we will need lots of drugs from our local pharmacy to shore up our self-worth and self-esteem that they so neatly and intentionally destroyed. Then, lots of money is made off the American public.

The other thing I found extremely amusing in all of this was, for some people, what the tattoo said made a difference.  They saw it as "patriotic".  There also was some religious commentary and mentions of honoring her military father.  


So my question is, if the tattoo was declaring an alternative sexual orientation, was a Hindu or Muslim symbol, or even, heaven forbid, a Harley symbol  (Harley is a good American company, so what's the problem?) would it have been more horrifying.  

What I do I think of Miss Kansas? The girl has guts. She put her beliefs and rights on display and if she isn't an ideal role model for American woman everywhere, she should be.



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